Help is on the way

And I will ask the father, and he will give you another comforter (counsellor, helper, intercessor, advocate, strengthener, and standby), that he may remain with you forever.
John 14:16

There might be times in our life when we feel as though we are all alone.
We may be facing disappointment, loss, rejection, unemployment, singleness, there are so many things that can knock us down. It may appear that no one understands what we are going through, or we may not feel able to talk about it.

We can be reassured, that Our Father God understands. He has already sent help in the form of the Holy Spirit, the comforter. He is never too busy to hear our call for help.

Not long ago my mother had lost her bus pass. She had used it to travel to London and somehow it disappeared the following day. She looked everywhere for it, in her bag, in her coat pockets, she couldn’t find it anywhere. She had prayed to find it but it looked as though she would need to get a new pass after all. This would be a long process of completing forms and paying out money to replace it.

When I arrived home a couple of days later, I was greeted by my beaming mum telling me that she had found the pass!
She had felt impressed to look again for the pass and it had been lodged in between some things she had in her bag, and she had not seen it before. How happy she was that God had helped her in her time of need.

Our helper, our comforter never leaves us alone to solve our problems, even small ones. If he can help us with small situations that we deal with each and every day, let us also believe that he will help us when we face the larger challenges of life.
How privileged we are to know that we can call on him at any time because he is with us forever.