Make a date !

Day after day they met in the temple [area] continuing with one mind, and breaking bread in various private homes. They were eating their meals together with joy and generous hearts. Acts 2:45 (AMP)

In this busy world I have found it a challenge to keep up with friends in a tangible way. Yes we may connect with people on Instagram, Facebook, Whats App or other social media platforms, but how often do we physically meet up with those we care about? Yet I believe this is what we need, especially as singles.

When we live by ourselves, we can easily become isolated.
I remember at one point in my life I left home early to go to work, I was at work for long hours and returned home late. One day I bumped into one of my neighbours and she was shocked to see me,” I haven’t seen you for ages!!” she said, “I thought you must have moved!”

Going home can be difficult. Going home to face those four walls and the silence. I think work had become my life, because there was no one to come home to.
However it doesn’t need to remain that way, we can change things. We can choose to “Make a date”, send out a message to a friend or family member and arrange to meet up. It doesn’t need to only be for special occasions. Find a mutually agreed time to go for a meal together, go shopping or when you have no money then go window shopping! Or why not find free art or cultural exhibitions that may be on; visit a museum; go for a walk in the park or countryside.

Whatever it may be just make a date and meet, make time to connect with others, give each other a big hug and have fun. Help to provide the encouragement and support we are all in need of. We can all make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.
Make a date today!