Cast ALL your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

I love the way the word “all” is used in this verse, it takes care of everything. It includes everything, it provides a sense of security.

So when I cast ALL of my anxiety on God, I know he is able to provide answers to ANY situation I am facing. Whatever is causing me concern, He cares about it, and He will deal with it in his own way.

We may get ourselves into a tailspin of anxiety because we don’t know how God will resolve situations. But He’s not asking us to figure things out by ourselves, He’s asking us to place ALL of the burden on Him because He cares. Not place just a little bit of our anxiety, not even most of our anxiety, He said cast ALL of it. He is asking us to trust Him to take care of the things that make us anxious, those thoughts that whirl around in our head, for singles it could be …. am I going to remain single and never marry?

Maybe its those things that we ignore and hope will disappear, like that unexplained pain that we haven’t checked out with the doctor. Those things that cause us panic attacks, or keep us awake at night.

So there is an antidote for any anxiety we feel… cast it ALL on the Lord by telling Him all about it. Then each and every time we feel the anxiety resurface we need to remind ourselves that He has promised to care for us. We can also take action to deal with the situation when He reveals to us what we can do. In return He will show that He cares by giving us peace. He says, ” My peace I GIVE YOU.” John 14:27.

What a special blessing.